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Please, browse through the stories and pictures for the movies I have completed and revisit at a later date for more. Some of Alan Tang's movies are romances, some are comedies, some are martial arts action, some feature triad gangster themes, a couple are musicals and some are dramas. All are enjoyable. In them, you can watch him change from the young star above to the ultimate Black Panther Warrior. You can also check out the Alan Tang posters and lobby cards I have collected at the Posters And Lobby Cards link below. You can see pictures of Alan Tang presenting at the 1989 Hong Kong Film Awards along with Gong Li under the Awards Section in Cameos.

This is a press release from the Leisure and Cultural Services Department in 2005. "A new exhibition featuring seven charismatic actors from Cantonese cinema will run at the Hong Kong Film Archive ( until October 9 (2005)." This is what they said about Alan Tang. "When Alan Tang began his acting career in the 1960s, he was a secondary school student and he capturned the hearts of many teenage girls. In the 1970s, he branched out to direct his own films and run his own workshops. Later he established a film production company and produced a number of quality films including two world-acclaimed movies by director Wong Kar-wai."

I wish to thank STSH for providing many of the movies and Irene for translating and sending many of the posters and lobby cards.

This is a list of the 55 Alan Tang movies I have seen to date:

Absolute Monarch

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Bloody Fight, The

Bunny Girl: Go To Supporting Roles

Go to Changing Love

Cheating Technique: (Same movie as Cheating in Panorama) Go To Supporting Roles.
Cheating in Panorama: (Same Movie as Cheating Technique) Go To Supporting Roles

Colourful Riples

Go to Death Comes in Three

Death on the Docks (Also Hero of the Hero)

Don't Kill Me Brother

Discharged, The

Go To Dynamite Brothers

Glamorous Christmas Night: Go To Supporting Roles
Go to Eternal Love (Same as Love is Like a Game)

Go to Flaming Brothers

Go to Forever My Love

Gangland Odyessy: Go to Cameos.

Go to The Golden Key

Go to Gun'N Rose

Go to The Holocaust

Go to I Am Crazy About You

Go to I Do!

Go to If Tomorrow Comes

Go to Impetuous Fire

Go to Iron Bull, The

Lam Ah Chun: Go toCameos.

Law Don

Go to Love and Blood

Go to Love by Post

Go to Love in a Cabin

Love in Hawaii

Go to Love is Like a Game (Same as Eternal Love)

Go to Maria or Sister Maria

Mr. Sunshine: Go to Cameos.

Go to Militarism Revival

Go to Miss Hong Kong (Same as Private Life)

Go to Morning Date, the

Go to My Funny Intern (Same as The Typical Admirable Doctor)

Go to New York Chinatown

Go to One Year's Fantasy

Go to Orchid in the Rain

Go to Private Life (Same as Miss Hong Kong)

Rascal Billionaire, The

Requital: Go To Supporting Roles

Go to Return Engagement

Go to Run Lover Run

Go to Songs and Romance Forever

Splendid Love in Winter

Go to Stealing Love, (same movie as What a Surprise)

Go to The Student Prince

Go to Three Minutes Past Nine

Typical Admirable Doctor (Same as My Funny Intern)

Go to Unsubdued Furies,The

Go to What a Surprise (same movie as Stealing Love)

Go to Where the Seagull flies

Wickedness in Poverty

Go to Winner Takes All?

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