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Alan Tang made many Hong Kong and Taiwanese movies from 1964 through 1994. There are pictures and plot summaries for 37 of them in the Alan Tang film reviews section (see link below). There is also a link below to the alphabetical filmography section which includes titles from all sources. Alan Tang did not recognize all the English names we had listed for his movies and has kindly supplied us with his Chinese Filmography. Alan Tang fan Irene has been kind enough to translate Tang's Filmography into English and it is available at the Translation Filmography link below. For those of you who read Chinese, you can read the Alan Tang's Filmography in Chinese at the Chinese Filmography link below. We appreciate very much receiving this filmography from Alan Tang and wish also to thank his fan Irene for the English translation.

Detailed information from Irene's translation shows that Alan Tang acted in 103 movies. Tang personally produced 17 movies and directed two. The first of these, made by Alan Tang under his Wingscope Company in 1977, was called The Discharged. In a 1974 movie magazine article (see articles section), Tang was credited with producing a movie Called Splendid Love in Winter. Tang's Wingscope Company according to his Chinese Filmography made 15 movies and his In-Gear Film Production Company made 10 movies. All totalled, Alan Tang as an actor, or as an owner of the production company, was involved in the making of 114 movies. These are all listed in the Translation section available at the link below.

As can be seen in Alan Tang Film Reviews Section (use link below), multiple English names have been found for several of Alan Tang's movies. The chronological list below was compiled from all of the filmography listings found for him including the one he provided. In addition, some titles were taken from the 1970's articles.

FILMOGRAPHY (chronological)

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Alan Tang Names

Alan Tang movies are often found with his name spelled several different ways. Below are listed all of the names I have found for him to date.

Alan Tang
Alen Teng
Alan Teng
Alan Tang Kwong Wing
Alan Tang Kwong-Wing
Tang Kwong Wing
Teng, Alan Kuang-Yung
Teng, Alan Kuang-Yung
Teng Kuang Jung
Teng Kwong Wing
Deng Guang Rong
Tang Kwong Wing
Dang Gwong Wing
Dang6 Gwong Wing4
Deng4 Guang1 Rong2



Splendid Love in Winter (1974)
Discharged (1977)
Scoundrel, The (1977)
Law Don (1979)
Wickedness In Poverty (1979)
Blood Fingers (1980)
New York Chinatown (1982)
I Do (1983)
Militarism Revival, The (1983)
Winner Takes All? (1984)
Crazy Romance (1985)
Hearty Response. A (1986)
Three Happy Luck Stars (1986)
Bad Girl (1986)
Flaming Brothers (1987)
Private Life (1987)
Haunted Cop Shop I, The (1987)
Haunted Cop Shop II, The (1988)
As Tears Go By (1988)
My Dear Son (1989)
Vampire Buster (1989)
Days of Being Wild (1990)
Return Engagement (1990)
Gun n' Rose (1992)
Black Panther Warriors, The(1993)
Kung Fu Scholar (1994)


Discharged, The (1977)
Law Don (1979)


Student Prince (1964)
My Fair Lady (1967)
Bunny Girl (1967)
Glamorous Christmas Night, A (1967)
My Fair Lady (1967)
Bride in Chains (1968)
Time for Reunion, A (1968)
Iron Fiddle (1968)
Let's Sing and Dance to Celebrate a Peaceful Year (1969)
Red Light, Green Light (1969)
Social Characters (1969)
One in Yellow, The (1969)
The Happy Angel (1970)
Miss Not Home (1970)
Happy Time (1970)
Mad Bar/Crazy Bar(1970)
Modern School Life (1970)
Happy Time (1970)
Oh My Love (1971)
I am Crazy For You (1971)
Sister Maria (1971)
Invincible Iron Palm (1971)
Naughty Songstress, The (1971)
Song of Happy Life (1971)
Impetuous Fire (1972)
Love In a Cabin (1972)
Peeper, Model and Hypnotist, The (1972)
Notorious Ones (1972)
Love and Blood (1972)
Blood and Rose(1972)
Hong Kong Criminal Crimes (1972)
Bloody Fight (1972)
Notorious Ones, The (1972)
Songs and Romance Forever (1972)
Stealing Love, The(Same as What a Surprise) (1972)
What a Surprise (same as the Stealing Love)(1972)
Changing Love (1972)
Love in a Cabin(1972)
Wild Horse (1972)
Cheating in Panorama(Same as Cheating Technique)(1972)
Cheating Technique(Same as Cheating in Panorama)(1972)
If Tomorrow Comes (1973)
Rats, The (1973)
The Young Ones (1973)
Unsubdued Furies, The(1973)
Death on the Docks (1973)
Dynamite Brothers, The (1973)
Back Street (1973)
Hong Kong Nitelife (1973)
Where Does Love come From (1973)
Adultery Chinese Style (1973)
Death Comes in Three (1973)
If Tomorrow Comes (1973)
Rats, The (1973)
Iron Bull, The(1973)
Colourful Riples (1974)
The Playboy (1974)
Too Young (1974)
Where the Seagull Flies (1974)
Paradise, The (1974)
One Year's Fantasy (1974)
First Come; First Love (1974)
Splendid Love in Winter, The (1974)
Goodbye My Love (1974)
The Silver Band (1974)
The Holocaust (1975)
Land of the Undaunted (also called Our Land, Our People)(1975)
Our Land, Our People( also called Land Of the Undaunted)(1975)
True Love (same as The Story of Pian Pian) (1975)
The Story of Of Pian Pian (same as True Love) (1975)
I Have Left No Address(Same as 24 Hours of Romance) (1975)
24 Hours of Romance (Same as I have Left No address) (1975)
Run Lover Run(1975)
Kissed by the Wolf (1975)
Blood and Rose (1975)
The Floating Clouds (1975)
The Morning Date (same as a Lovely Morning Engagement) (1976)
Love by Post(1976)
Love in Hawaii(1976)
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow(1976)
A Lovely Morning Engagement (same as The Morning Date) (1976)
The Typical Admirable Doctor (same as My Funny Intern) (1976)
My Funny Intern (same as The Typical Admirable Doctor) (1976)
Beauty with Two Faces (1976)
Born Rich (1976)
Forever My Love(1976)
Love is Like a Game (1976)
The Little Ancestors (1976)
The Scoundrel (1977)
Forever and Ever (1977)
Orchid in the Rain (1977)
Mitra (1977)
Discharged, The (1977)
Three Minutes Past Nine (1978)
The Golden Key(1978)
Chase, The (1978)
To Love or Not to Love (1978)
Rascal Billionaire, The (1978)
Law Don (1979)
Wickedness in Poverty, The (1979)
Blood Fingers (1980)
The Twist (1981)
New York Chinatown (1982)
Hong Kong Black Street Lady (1982)
I Do! (1983)
Militarism Revival, The (1983)
Yellow Peril (1984)
Winner Takes All? (1984)
Flaming Brothers (1987)
Private Lift (1987)
Mr. Sunshine (1989)
Return Engagement (1990)
Gangland Odyssey (1990)
Requital (1992)
Gun n' Rose (1992)
Black Panther Warriors, The (1993)

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