Impetuous Fire

Alan Tang starred in the romantic tragedy Impetuous Fire in 1972. Tang acted the part of a star-crossed lover and did some Kung Fu fighting as well. Tang's love interest in the movie was played by Candice Yu, Chow Yun Fat's first wife.

The Cast
Alan Tang Kwong Wing
Woo Yin Lei
Candice Yu
The Director
Law Ma
The Scriptwriter
Shu Lee

The Story

Alan Tang escapes from a prison in Macau and makes his way to Hong Kong. Tang killed three men in a fight and has been sentenced to death. Upon his arrival in Hong Kong he meets a beautiful girl who is visiting Hong Kong with her teacher. The girl and her teacher-companion are on a world trip and are in Hong Kong for only seven days. The girl, who is only 18, is suffering from an incurable disease and has only a short time to live.

Tang and the girl fall deeply in love but do not tell each other about their mutual plights. Tang is aided by a priest friend of his who goes to meet the girl's teacher. The teacher and the priest confide in each other and decide to help the pair keep up their fantasy and enjoy love if only for a brief time.

Tang does some fighting in a flash-back which shows how he got arrested initially. In another scene, Tang is at the beach with his girl when three thugs approach and try to make trouble. Tang grabs his girl and runs away when he hears police sirens. His girl thinks he is a coward and avoids him until her teacher convinces her to listen to him. They are reunited and go to a party where Tang is spotted by a policeman. The priest and the teacher convince the policeman not to arrest Tang until the girl leaves.

WARNING CONCLUSION: Tang and his girl make plans to meet in one year. They discuss marriage and how much they love each other. They exchange gifts as part of their fantasy. The movie ends with Tang watching his girl's plane leave. Tang in turn is being watched by the police and is arrested immediately after the girl leaves.

Pictures From Impetuous Fire

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