Alan Tang first sees the USA

The Dynamite Brother

Alan Tang starred in the USA based Dynamite Brothers movie in 1974. Dynamite Brothers is an action/adventure movie featuring some outstanding martial arts work by Alan Tang. In addition, this movie is unique among the Alan Tang movies I have seen in that all of his dialogue was in English. I have been told that Alan Tang speaks English and if so, he did a great job in this movie. The Dynamite Brothers, originally an ASAM production, is available today as a Rhino Home Video from

Fight Scene

The cast:
Alan Tang
Timothy Brown
James Hong
Aldo Ray
Carolyn Ann Speed
Don Oliver

The director:
Al Adamson

The script writers:
Marvin Lagunoff
Jim Rein

The producers:
Jim Rein
Marvin Luganoff
Samuel M. Sherman

Music by:
Charles Earland

The Story

Alan Tang leaves Hong Kong and comes to the USA in search of his older brother, played by James Hong, who killed Tang's wife. Tang arrives illegally and is immediately hunted by Aldo Ray's character Burke, a dirty cop under the control of Tang's older brother. The older brother wants Tang deported. Before Burke captures Tang there are some amazing Kung Fu martial arts fighting scenes.

Burke gets Tang and proceeds to handcuff him to "Stud" Tim Brown, a black man who Burke has as a prisoner in his car. Tang and Brown manage to outsmart Burke and escape, mainly due to Tangs martial arts skills. Brown's street smarts help the two of them get to Los Angeles and, in particular Watts. There are several great fight scenes during this part of their adventure. Less satisfying is the fact that there are some unnecessary naked ladies on display which have nothing to do with the plot. Also, Burke uses derogatory terms for Blacks and Chinese in the movie, which is a real turnoff.

Once in Watts, Brown takes Tang to meet his friend Smiling Man who owns a bar in Watts. At the bar Brown meets his mute girlfriend Sarah. A rich American Chinese girl befriends and helps Tang find his older brother, who it turns out is a criminal heading up a Chinese and Black gang trying to sell drugs in Watts. Smiling Man has his own gang and is in his way. This leads to more fights, explosions, a shootout all culminating in a final showdown between Tang and his older brother. The conclusion is very exciting and a good reason to buy The Dynamite Brothers movie.

Alan Tang

Alan Tang in the Dynamite Brothers

Poster From The Dynamite Brothers

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